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Bored of winter

We’re bored of winter now. The black arrow in the middle of the wind reading on the BBC weather app told us that riding bikes was going to be a bad idea today and confirmed the fact that Febuary is a horrible month.   Wet kit, muddy face, crunchy headsets, rinsing drivetrains, frozen toes… We just read a blog via twitter and this guy was grizzling that he had only ridden 1200 miles in January and he wasn’t sure where he was at. Our friendly local pro rode 1700 miles in January and that’s his job. We reckon he's doing ok, especially holding down a 9-5! In the Duckhouse we’re rocking on an average of 100 miles a week in...

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Norfolking right in the head.

The furthest the train line goes from our neck of the woods is Norwich. I’ve only ever been to Norwich once, on a stag do. I fell asleep in a disco party club and watched a group of men fight each other while sitting on a wall outside a kebab shop, indulging in a chicken shish. I haven’t rushed back. Sometimes you should grab ideas when you can (before you realise how stupid they are and actually a day on the sofa would have been a better idea) so a quick check of the weather on the Thursday while booking a one way return ticket in the next window, the all clear from the diary manager and we were set for...

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Five In Five.

Winter is here and it's the time of year where you have to think of things to keep things fresh. Different people have different goals and they tend to vary year on year by circumstances and frames of mind. This winter cyclocross hasn’t really worked out for us for one reason or another (mainly puncture and knackered rim related) and we never were ones for indoor trainers. So in the Duckhouse we are going to go by the famous Eddie Merckx quote. Ride as much or as little as you feel. But ride. So as a little bit of fun and to mix things up a bit we put together 5 of our favourite routes from the village starting at...

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Building dreams

There are parts of London that aren’t all glass fronted. Parts where there isn’t a Costa on each corner. Out the back of the Olympic Park, just past the Copper Box (which isn’t really copper anymore and frankly I haven’t a clue if it was in the first place) and over the canal in the shadow of the Olympic Stadium lies a little creative community within Hackney Wick. The beautifully tended canal barges that tell a story all of their own about our city but it’s just past here, guarded by a very large dog and a giant plastic turtle, where Rob has just moved into his new workspace. Rob is Quirk Cycles, he’s moved into this workshop in Hackney...

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The Stelvio

Some things you just aren’t meant to do. Things so steeped in myth that they are untouchable. I once read a book about a cyclist called Fausto Coppi, the legendary Italian rider. His story is remarkable. Not only because of his personal achievements and the time in which he did them but the effect he had on Italian society at the time. In that story the vein of the Stelvio Pass takes a special place. This iconic climb is where Coppi won to take the pink jersey and win in Milan in 1953 in the first time the behemoth was used in the Giro. He took the win in the town of Bormio, the same town where 65 years later we would...

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