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Tour De M25

Our journal has been a bit quiet of late, that’s not to say the pond has been stagnant, certainly not the case, we have just been a bit slack. We should have really written up our trip to the Battle On The Beach earlier in the spring (which was awesome by the way, every event should have a time trial through a beer tent) but unfortunately the boat sailed on that one and behind the scenes we’ve had a fair bit going on so it kinda got lost. We had originally lined up a lap of London in the Spring, but it snowed and we thought better of it! At the time we didn’t realise or take the time to...

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Killing Kent (ish)

The Kentish Killer is an early season sportive in... Kent. One of those rides that is not a race but people treat like a race. This one however lives up to its name, firstly because of the timing (mid Jan) and the elevation (roughly 6.5k feet in 70 miles). As a result it can’t be taken lightly really and is a full day out on the bike in the garden of England. This year the ride was postponed due to the savage winter weather. The rearrangement took place through floods and bitter winds and we didn’t really fancy that. So we went mid-week, a short hop over the Dartford Crossing to the start at Brands Hatch. Clearly riding outside of...

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The good fight

We’ve known Tom Yiangou (or Chang) since the birth of Blackmore. Within our little patch of the country he is amongst a strong group of young local riders who race both nationally and internationally. Passionate about both his riding and lifestyle choices, Tom is someone we admire greatly. As we grow and begin to choose ambassadors for Blackmore, he is a natural choice for us to fly the Blackmore flag. Tom is one of a growing number of riders and people in general who are choosing a plant-based diet. Many more of us, including us here in the Duckhouse, are taking steps to reduce significantly the amount of animal produce that we consume. The highly publicised ‘Veganuary’ has given more...

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It'll be all Wight.

With the theme of cyclocross adventures running strong this winter we embarked on part two of our rambles. Like all the best silly rides this one started at 3:30am on a rather chilly (and windy) January morning. The Isle of Wight is a distant shore made famous for not only having the worlds last remaining regular hovercraft service but also being the dinosaur capital of Great Britain and the scene of Jimi Hendrix's last live performance in the UK before his death three weeks afterwards. We had never before ventured to its shores and the 0715 Red Funnel ferry from Southampton to Cowes was not only loaded with egg, sausage and various other breakfast items, cooked and baked, but also...

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Through the lens

Since we started Blackmore, we've had loads of fun meeting new people or interacting with you guys on our social media platforms. Life is changing in that sort of way and it's great to see what everyone is up to, frankly, whether you use our products or not.  So this week we thought it would be nice to share with you some of the instagram accounts that we follow and love the most. These are mostly local (ish) to us and are likely ones that you haven't seen. Just to get them all in one place, rather than on our IG or Twitter stream, here they are in one journal post with a little bit more blurb as to why...

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